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Welcome to the VersaTrans® e-Link® Help System
Chapter 1
Introduction to Tyler’s Versatrans e-Link
What is Versatrans e-Link?
Overview of Conventions Used in this Manual
Button Conventions
Path Conventions
Getting Technical Support
Navigating the e-Link Pages
Manipulating the Map and Viewing Area
Before Installing e-Link
Logging Into Versatrans e-Link
Parents Log In and Go Directly to the “View My Students” Screen
Retrieving a Username or Password
Chapter 2
Administering e-Link
Working with New User Groups
Who Should Have What Permissions?
About the Default User Groups
Adding a New User Group and Selecting Permissions
Limiting the Viewing of Students & Routes Associated with Schools
Selecting Information Display Options for a New User Group
Selecting Calendar Options for a User Group
Removing a User Group
Changing the Permissions and/or Options of User Groups
Working with Users
Viewing the User Record
Adding a New User and Assigning to a User Group
Changing a User’s User Group
Deleting a User from the System
Importing Users from the Student File
Importing Users from a Delimited File
Creating a Message that Displays on the School Transportation Search Screen
Creating a Message that Displays on the Home Page
Parent Communication Form Administration
Managing Message Subjects
Changing the Recipient Email and Creating a Custom Header
Working with the Administrative Lists and Reports
Displaying the Activity Log Results
Chapter 3
Using e-Link
Working with Student Records
Using the School/Transportation Search Feature
Using the Simple Search
Using the Advanced Search
Using Existing Student Data to Perform a Search
Bypassing Login for School/Transportation Search
Specifying School/Transportation Search Options
Finding a Student in e-Link
Saving and Editing a Filter
Using a Saved Filter
Adding a Student Record to the Routing & Planning System
Editing a Student Record in the Routing & Planning System
Deleting a Student from the Routing & Planning System
Viewing my Student’s Records
Emailing a PDF Containing Information from a Student’s Record
Online Parent Communication
Sending E-Mail Messages Using the Online Parent Communication Form
Generating User Reports
Generating the Route Stop Locations Report
Generating the Student List Report
Viewing Report Writer Pre-Defined Custom Reports
Viewing the Import Users from File Report
Viewing the Users by Group Report
Managing the User Options
Specifying the Number of Records that Display
Changing Your User Profile, E-mail & Security Question
Switching the Student File
Chapter 4
Versatrans e-Link Calendar
What are e-Link Calendars?
Getting Started Setting Up & Using e-Link Calendars
Navigating the View Calendar Screen
Adding an Individual Calendar
Assigning Calendar Options & Associating Calendars with a User Group
Adding New Calendar Events
Displaying Student Change Request Events
Adding a Calendar to a Group to View the Events of Multiple Calendars in a Single Calendar
Associating Calendars to All the Buildings in Routing & Planning
Selecting Calendars and Associated Events to View
Generating Reports
Printing Calendar Reports
Printing Change Request Reports for Specific Schools and Grades
Printing Change Request Summary or Detail Reports
Maintaining the e-Link Calendar
Working with Calendar Events (Meetings, Schedules etc.)
Adding New Calendar Events
Editing and Deleting Individual and Group Calendar Events
Excluding an Event from One or More Calendars
Working with Calendar Categories (Assign Colors, Labels etc.)
Creating and Assigning Colors to Categories
Editing or Deleting Existing Categories
Editing and Deleting Calendars
Navigating the Manage Calendars Screen
Editing an Individual Calendar
Editing a Calendar Group
Deleting Calendars
Importing & Exporting Calendars
Exporting Calendars
Importing Calendars
Glossary of e-Link Terms